Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nursery... to be or not to be....

Well, I have decided to go ahead and do the nursery. At first, I was apprehensive about it, but I also know I am a super planner and I love new projects. The nursery is a new project (even though I have several not completed Sigh!!) There are mixed reviews on this task and when to tackle it, but I have a feeling that decorating the nursery will help me relax and know I am still active in preparing a place for our child.

My search began with girl themes and boy themes, but I didn't want to wait until we were matched with a birth mother to start. I then decided neutral and earthy was the way to go so I found the Board and Batten idea (see previous post). But, after visiting the Baby Expo (more on that experience later), I began to remember my desire to be a muralist. There were a couple of muralist there at the Expo and they gave me inspiration. If I can draw and paint on paper and canvas, I CAN paint on walls. Just a larger canvas and so large of a space to fill with PAINT. YAY!!!

After finding tons of images on the Internet and loving the idea of Winnie the Pooh because of the muted colors, I thought I was set on what I wanted to do. I was still torn somewhat on how much I really wanted to paint. I don't want the room to be overwhelming after all. Too much on the walls would be. So, I was trying to decide on what and where to paint scenes when Gary popped in and said he would like Dr. Seuss. Well, this really burst my Earthy naturals bubble. Bright colors are not what I envisioned in a calming nursery. But, after all, babies do see bright colors better at birth. So, I relented.
I began my new research on Dr. Seuss. Which book to choose? Which characters to recreate? What words should also be added?

Well, I now have two ideas and I need to decide. We have two empty rooms (One day hopefully those will both be filled with a child). One room is already all white with one ascent wall in a bright green. We use this room for our guest room, but it is quite a bit smaller than the other room. If I used the brighter room (already painted), I could begin right away with painting bright scenes of Dr. Seuss.

But, tonight I found a really cool blog. This couple painted Dr. Seuss as well, but they used more muted colors for the scenes than typical. Wonderful idea! Not overwhelming at all and so much fun! Gary and I are sold on this idea. We just have to decide on which room to paint now : )

As of now, we have a baby bed (thanks to a donation for the garage sale), a changing table (thanks to Regan) and I also purchased an antique chest with really deep drawers (thanks to Craigslist- a steal at $40.00). Of course, the chest will need to be painted.

I think I am battling between two Dr. Seuss themes. Many people paint a bunch of scenes from different books, but I don't want to paint a huge mural- just maybe parts of two walls using the corner as a starting point. So, the books are The Sneetches and Horton Hears a Who (love the elephant). The Sneetches teach a great lesson of acceptance. And, if I did the Sneetches, I was going to paint the Bible verse about being "Fearfully and Wonderfully made." If I did Horton Hears a Who, I wouldn't know what verse to use- probably the same because I love that verse.

Well, I now am anxious to get started. I hope to add my decorating projects to this blog one day. I will post pictures as it materializes.  Any suggestions would be accepted.